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The 4 month sleep regression happens at 4 months right? That’s a couple of weeks away still. The Boy’s got time or so I very naively thought. Let’s rewind…

He’s never been a great sleeper if I’m totally honest so when 3 weeks ago we seemed to be moving towards only 1 feed a night and a long stint of 4 to 5 hours, J and I were almost ecstatic. Note almost, true ecstasy would be 8 hours uninterrupted sleep on a regular basis but it appears that’s not the path that’s been laid out for us by this little one. Anyway, we were chuffed to be getting more than 2 hour stints. But something changed, around a week ago. The Boy started waking up twice a night again and we accepted that he’d just been teasing us, dangling the chance of some real restorative sleep in front of us, like a carrot to a bunny. Frustrating but fine, he’s a baby, we get it. Luckily he was still doing a 4 hour (ish) stint. But then it happened. The real change. When waking during the night he started making a noise that I can only compare to a screeching baby dinosaur hatching mixed with a cat being strangled. It was shrill, high pitched and straight up irritating. It must be teething.

Fast forward a week and I’ve fully accepted that we are now in the 4 month regression. It would have been nice if he’d actually waited until 4 months, a bit more sleep for us parents that keep him alive would have been ace but no, not going to happen, time to accept it. So on top of a teething baby we now have a screeching, fussy little man who spends half the night thrashing about and whacking to mattress so hard it sounds like he’s playing wrestling. We’re back to getting up every 2 hours or so. I’m back to feeling bad for J who has to get up for work.

I’m awake at 4am writing this post. The Boy is awake too but thankfully not screeching. Just babbling instead. I keep telling him that this is not the time for a convo but I don’t quite think he’s understanding me. So while we consider J sleeping in another room again and investing in some strong earplugs I’d love to know how you other Mamas got through it? Any tips that you can shower on us will be so very much appreciated.

Me on the other hand, I’m off to use coffee as a crutch for my day. I suggest no one tries talking to me for a while, I’m not sure how much sense I’ll make…

**ha! The power of writing, so much stronger than counting sheep. Who even likes sheep? Anyway, I fell back to sleep at 6 and slept until 7.30 – woohoo, less coffee required today. On a separate note, The Boy is grouchy as fuck today. I’m so excited about shipping him out to his grandparents tonight and absolutely zero fucks are given.

Peace and Love



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